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For summer: white shirt, Grey skirt or pants, Tie, Belt, Belt, Black shoe, White socks, White ribbon or white parkas (for Sikh students)
For winter: Maroon blazer & sweater with school monogram, White shirt, Grew woollen skirt or pants tie, belt, black shoes, grey woollen socks, maroon muffler or scarf.
Note: Complete white uniform with house T-shirts & caps should be worn on Saturday during summer months.

The school believes in the worth and uniqueness of every child . We help the young minds widen their horizon to learn and think for themselves 

Address:- Ascent Public School.
Village :- Prasad, Po.- Banki,
Madhepur, Madhubani
Mobile :- + 91 7779958637
Email id :- info@ascentpublicschool.org